Good things continue to happen at CVBC. Last Sunday we elected six new Deacons to serve our church family. The decision of these six willing servants to accept the nomination is a spiritual breakthrough for our congregation. If you will remember last year, four of our deacons were asked to serve an additional year because no one agreed to accept the nomination. The election of six new Deacons gets us back on our regular rotation system.

News that our first Refugee Family from Iraq will be arriving on September 7, thrills our hearts. We are looking for a family of 4. The Father is a doctor who speaks English and they have relatives in our area. Their arrival is far ahead of what we had anticipated earlier.

It is hard to believe that we voted to offer our Youth House for a Refugee Ministry on July 23, 2017 and now just 7 weeks later our first family is arriving. Words are not adequate to praise the Lord for all that He has done through willing servants to get Welcome House Raleigh ready. Bill Baxley is due much credit for his marvelous supervision of the remodeling process. The joyful participation of so many volunteers who have joined hearts and hands together has produced a miracle restoration in a matter of weeks. The cost of all that has been done has been greatly reduced by these volunteers and by business men who have either donated their services or reduced the cost because of the nature of this ministry. To God be the Glory.

A Celebration, Dedication and Reception for Welcome House Raleigh will take
place on Sunday, October 8, 2017 at 2pm at CVBC. Plan now to attend.

In His Love, Charles

Praise be to God!