Missions and Missionaries

As our study in “Lessons from the Life of Joseph” winds down this week, some of you have been asking about our next Study.  Over the past month, that subject has been the object of my prayers.  Should I engage in the study of another Bible personality? Should I undertake the challenge of studying another book of the Bible, or great chapters of the Bible, or should I focus on some theological study or Baptist Doctrine?  Over and over again as I’ve explored possible subjects, one topic has surfaced time and again – Missions.

I am led to engage in a study of some prominent missionaries that have made significant and life changing impact on the countries in which they have served and a lasting contribution to the history of missions. The missionaries to whom we will devote our attention have been said by one authority to have “changed the world.”

We will over the next month or so focus on such outstanding servants of God as William Carey, The Father of Modern Missions, Adoniram and Ann Judson, Messengers to the Burmese,  Bill Wallace, missionary martyr of China, Lottie Moon of China and Jim Elliot, missionary  and martyr to the Amazon region of Ecuador.  We shall explore their commitment to God and to the people they were sent to serve.  We will gain insight into missionary life, struggles, sorrows, disappointments and yes, joys, remarkable achievements and victories.  In the process, we will deal with the question of the necessity of sending missionaries to other countries in this modern age.

Let me encourage you to make Wednesday Night Studies a priority in your schedule. Invite friends and neighbors to join us at 6:30pm each week as we seek information and inspiration from God’s Word and from the lives of those who have responded to God’s call to go into all the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I look forward to seeing you and all those you invite to share this important time together.

In His Love, Charles

Missions and Missionaries