Posted by Johnny Richards

This is a busy time of year in the life of the church. This is the time when committees start with a fresh slate for 2021-2022. The nominating committee has worked at filling positions in the church and we look at new beginnings. Such is the case with the diaconate of Crabtree Valley Baptist Church. This past week was the last deacons meeting this year for four of our deacons. I want to say a special thanks to these four members. To Jean, Beth, Iva and Peninah, “thank you” for what you have meant to this church during your time of serving as a deacon. I have only been ministering alongside you since April 18th, but I can tell you are hard-working, dedicated and have a love for this church family. I appreciate that as your pastor.

In Romans 16, the word deacon is used to refer to someone as a servant or someone who ministers with others. I can honestly say the deacons we have at Crabtree Valley Baptist all have a servant and minister’s heart. They care about this church. We know this because of the family ministry plan that has been used. The four who are rotating off this year have been faithful to meetings, to leading in worship and to making hard decisions in the midst of a very difficult 18 months. To keep the church active in worship during this time was truly amazing. I know Jean’s leadership was huge. I have heard that said in the deacons’ meetings. The other deacons have done their part to make this church what it is today, a church that is tough and loving toward one another. A church is this way because of its leadership. So, to the four of you, thank you for being you and for serving in a way that shows the heart of God. We look forward to serving with you again in the future.

To Ben, Ellen, Keith, Barbara, Gene and Sue, I look forward to serving with you. I look forward to ministering with you as we help to make Crabtree Valley Baptist what God would want her to be, light and salt to the world. I look forward to working through the tough times and celebrating the times of joy. I look forward to praying for you as you pray for me. I ask this church to be in prayer for our deacons. Take the time to say thank you to the four who are rotating off the deacon body, and then speak a word of encouragement to those six who will remain. Being a deacon is a tough job. A lot of things they do go unnoticed. However, without our deacon leadership, we would be struggling and it would be hard to do what we do.

As the new church year approaches, let’s not forget all of those who serve in all the areas that make this church what it is today. Thanks to everyone and may God bless our church today, and in the days ahead. Until next week…

Peace and Blessings, Johnny