A special Christmas Eve Worship service featuring: hymn singing, a reflection on “Even These Days” given by Guest Preacher Dr. Bill Slater; including scriptures from Luke 2:1-20, John 1:1-14; and special music by music director Risa Poniros and pianist Cheryl Walker. Today we also will light the Christ candle in the advent wreath.

As we light our own candles, we remember the joyful news that Christ was born to be the Savior of the world.

As we light Christ Candle, there are two things to think about as we look at it. The first thing we can think about is how Jesus Christ is the light of the world. The Christ candle is the candle that represents the fact that Christ has been born. He has come into the world and He has brought the light. John 1:9 says “the true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.” Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Another thing we can focus on is the fact that Jesus is also the central part of our lives. Think about our advent wreath we have been focusing on over the past few weeks by lighting the different candles: Hope, peace, joy and love are great things to have as a part of our lives. However, if we do not center our lives around Jesus Christ, it is going to be very difficult to experience those things.

Order of Worship

Even These Days