I saw something Sunday morning that put a smile on my face the entire drive home after worship.  After worship, as is my custom, I stood outside the sanctuary doors to greet and mingle with those attending worship.  Having done that, I went to the office to get my keys and when I came out nearly EVERYONE, if not EVERYONE, was still in the hallway or out in the parking lot, VISITING WITH EACH OTHER.  I got in the car and I think I was the first to leave, with the sight of everyone still connecting with each other in my rear view mirror. 

This looks like church to me!!!  People who love each other, who want to be with each other, who act like family at its very best.

It is true that our church is small.  No, we can’t offer everything that much larger churches might offer.   But we can celebrate and experience something those larger churches can’t imagine—a closeness, a bond, a familiarity, a fellowship where friends are family and family are friends.  We know each other’s names, we share our stories, and this is a gift our church offers that is powerful, unique, and just plain precious.

Keep doing it.  And when someone new shows up, make a beeline to them and show them the same attention, the same reception, the same interest and the same welcome that you show each other.

I am so thankful as I continue to grow in knowing each of you.  CVBC is not just a church, it is a family and how blessed we are to have each other.  

Brave Journey,