A Small Church with a Big Heart

You have heard me say on numerous occasions that “We are a small church with a big heart.”  You are! You, the members of CVBC have proved that truth over and over again. You proved it when Christine and Haline Eller lost their home and survived with only the clothes on their backs. Your generous love gift to them of almost $8,000 made a difference in their lives.

After six months of thorough study and earnest prayer, you proved your big heart in voting to transform our former Youth House into a home for refugees which we know as Welcome House Raleigh. Hundreds of families seeking a better life in America will always remember the arms of love that embraced them and provided them a shelter of security and a Christian welcome to our shores.

Your big heart has been demonstrated in the way you respond to mission causes at home and abroad, the way you embraced Ashley Walker as our Youth Director and through her revived the Youth Ministry. Your big heart is felt in your consistent, strong support for Hope Pantry. Significant financial support not only comes from you, the members of CVBC but also from compassionate donors in our community who have a heart for helping those in need.

Our small church with a big heart is made evident week after week in the way members of this fellowship care for one another.  In large churches, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Not so at CVBC. I have watched and admired the response you give when people are sick at home or in the hospital, when death takes a loved one, when bad news comes to a church member or when a member is down and needs encouragement.

I could go on and on with illustrations about your big heart. But the list is too long and my space in this newsletter is too short. The gratitude for you that Gloria and I have in our hearts for the generous and overwhelming love that you have showered upon us on the occasion of my retirement and in the midst of a pandemic tops it all.  From the surprise Deacon Party last Wednesday night to the climax of a historical Ordination for Barbara Goodson and final sermon as your pastor, the conclusion really caught us by surprise. I thought that with the benediction that we were through. NOT SO!  You had one more big expression of love. The words of Jean Glosson on your behalf, the presentation of your cards and heartfelt personal messages, and a most generous financial gift, left us virtually speechless. Thank you dear friends, seems so weak and so inadequate. But from all the love that is within us, we say “THANK YOU”. God Bless each one of you. God Bless Crabtree Valley Baptist Church. To God Be the Glory!

In His Love,


A Small Church with a Big Heart