I have never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions mainly because they are usually easily and quickly broken.  Nevertheless, I have already intentionally made some changes in my daily routine. For one thing, I have significantly cut back on my television viewing.  No morning TV!  And, most important, I have cut down my nightly TV time in regards to the news and to talk shows.  I have determined to only watch the evening news and any other nightly TV time will be devoted to a good documentary or movie.  More and more I am moving away from the main networks to watch educational and cultural programs on PBS.

Instead of TV, I am devoting more time to reading the Bible and to prayer and meditation.  I just purchased Stephen Miller’s, “A Complete Guide to the Bible” and it is my goal to carefully and slowly read a few pages each day to refresh my Bible knowledge and to discover golden nuggets of truth, inspiration and treasures for reflection and life application.

I also find extremely helpful daily devotional guides like  “Our Daily Bread” (free and available at Crabtree Valley Baptist Church) and Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost for His Highest”

My decision to change my daily routine schedule is due to the fact that an over emphasis on news is emotionally upsetting and often misleading.  “That’s the way it is” factual news seems to have disappeared when Walter Conkite retired from CBS News. Thinking, intelligent, reasoning individuals are alarmed with the amount of fake news, conspiracy theories and outright lies that flood our media today. It is increasingly more difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. And it is more evident than ever that people are more prone to believe lies than to believe truth.

As our world becomes increasingly unstable, we are challenged to be more discerning and more cautious with what we hear, what we believe and what we repeat.  In a volatile world we need an anchor. We need Christ the solid rock. We need His truth to guide us, His Spirit to keep us focused on our mission to share His love. We need to pray without ceasing.  The world needs the Gospel. The world needs his truth. Let us not forget that we are his messengers.

In His Love,


Thought of the Week for: January 3